Hi, my name is Vei

and I build things on the internet



I’m not just developing designs – it’s about seeing a project move from one end all the way over to the other. Starting with research that informs all design decisions, then creating designs to be tested and further iterated with an intended audience. Beyond graphic design skills, this has involved facilitation, research, and continuous testing to develop prototypes.


From a single landing page to custom and unique website that create attention-grabbing/eye-catching/”made you look” content for your brand by utilizing custom cross-platform creative designs and content. Custom, custom, custom… No “one size fits all” strategies here. I build completely custom designs that demand attention and encourage engagement.


Just kidding… I’m not a professional audio engineer, I’m just like to play around with various DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) like FL Studio, Ableton Live, Nuendo, etc. I made my own songs and some cover songs, re-compose a mainstream genre into a metal song using FL Studio. I have a YouTube channel that noone cares about, I don’t even really care 🙂


What is a Visual Designer?


Unlike graphic designers, visual designers focus entirely on digital media. They are responsible for designing the look and feel of the organization’s online presence.

Visual designers are also known as the “problem solvers” of the design world as they build the organization’s design strategy and determine what goes into the brand’s voice. While graphic designers aim to convey a specific message in each project, visual designers have the goal of conveying a specific brand voice across digital platforms.

The deliverables that visual designers are normally expected to produce include icons, logos, and presentations.



85% of consumers will interact with your website from a mobile device. Keep them engaged with a website built with mobile-friendly navigation.

Website Redesign
The world on the web moves fast, and a website facelift is needed to stay current with the times.

Improve your customer’s online shopping experience with a clean online catalog designed for the way your customer shops.

Lead Generation Sites
Leverage your traffic from digital marketing efforts with a website designed to capture leads without distracting from your customer’s experience on your website.


My Gaming Life


I’m a big fan of MMORPG, and I still play regularly on “old’ World Of Warcraft Expansion: Wrath Of The Lich King in one of the largest private server out there. I still have my retail account active but for me, the WOTLK is the best expansion ever. I also enjoy racing games especially racing simulations like NFS Shift 2, GRID AUTOSPORT, FORZA series, etc. I’m not really a First Person Shooting gamer, i’m more like ARMA III realism kind of player.



 Let’s talk in Discord: digitalvei#3536